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Receive turists in your house

“We specializes in the complete management of your short-term rentals on vacation rental platforms such as Airbnb or Booking. We offer a turnkey solution for owners who want to maximize their income without having to worry about the daily management of their properties.”

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“Nu sta djunto”
offer 1

Nu ta trabadja djunto, nu ta ganha mas dreto

Maximize your income by entrusting us with the management of your property.

We take care of the creation and management of your Airbnb listing, optimizing the descriptions, selecting attractive photos, and highlighting the key features of your property.

This offer includes:

1- Calendar management: We update your availability calendar in real-time, taking into account your preferences and the periods when you wish to use your accommodation.

2- Price optimization: We closely monitor market trends and adjust the prices of your listing based on demand, maximizing your income without compromising the occupancy of your property.

3- Prompt and professional responses: We handle all guest communications, responding quickly to their inquiries, confirming reservations, and addressing any special requests.

4- Payment tracking: We ensure that you receive guest payments within the agreed-upon timeframe and keep you informed of all transactions made.

5- Cancellation and issue management: In the event of a reservation cancellation or any issues with guests, we handle all necessary procedures, ensuring that you are protected and appropriately compensated according to your cancellation policies.

offer 2

Ka bu preocupa ku nada, nu ta toma conta di tudo cuza

Don’t worry about anything, we take care of everything.

We rent your property on a yearly basis and provide you with a fixed monthly rent.

We then put your property to work in short-term rentals.

We maintain your property constantly, taking care of absolutely everything.

We cover all the expenses:
*Minor repairs and decoration.
*Water and electricity bills.
*Internet expenses.

Casa Ja

Rustic and peaceful bed and breakfast in the small village of Cabral, near Sao Domingos.

Casa Tia

Particular house in Ribeira das Prata with spectacular views.

Dunas de areia preta

The only hotel in Ribeira das Prata.

Casa Pedro

Spacious and confortable apartment in the center of Tarrafal.

Casa Barreto

4 rooms apartments in the very center of Tarrafal.

Casa Gosto & Sabor

Room in a family house with beach view in Ribeira das Prata.

Casa Herminia

Private house by the sea in Tarrafal.

Casa Nezu

Apartment in the heart of Tarrafal.

Casa Bia

Private house by the sea in Tarrafal.

Casa Mario

Apartment or room with private bathroom by the sea in Tarrafal.

Tarrafal House

Guest house in Tarrafal.

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